Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perfecting Midnight Madness

By now, you've heard about the tremendous effort that Syracuse University is putting towards Midnight Madness this year. From an entertainment standpoint, it's clearly top of the barrel, A-list stars.

Current Lineup:
- Tone Loc
- Russian Bar Trio from "America's Got Talent"
- Deena (the other oompa loompa) from the "Jersey Show"

While SU has done a nice job so far, there are a few additions that could take the event to the next level.

Here are the suggestions:
- Bell Biv Devoe, singing their hit "Poison" with a special line for a former SU receiver.

- For the mid-late 20 year olds, a photo opportunity with the cast of Clarissa Explains it All.

- For the students and early 20s crowd, an autograph signing with Antoine Dodson

- And last but not least, an Andrea Adelson dunk tank (we're actually serious about this one)
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