Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baller's Backups - Trevor Cooney

You've met Agent Waiters, Baye Moussa Fusillo, $coop Jardine and the Brazilian Belushi. They are at the core of a multi-talented SU team, not only of ballers, but working professionals.

Yet while those players have to multitask to hone skills, Trevor Cooney can spend a little time on shooting, but much more on spinning.

Sure, he's been called the next G-Mac, or Rautins 2.0, but Cooney wants to make a name for himself. And not just on the court in the Dome. But on the turntables in clubs across CNY this winter as well.

Trevor Cooney:
Profession: DJ
Title: DJ Redshirt
Catchphrase: "Georgetown ... tell me how my ass tastes"
Playlist: Slow Jams and Miley for Mookie, underground tracks that won't hit the big-time till next year.

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