Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baller's Backups - Baye Keita

Next up, in our ongoing series about some thrilling backup plans for SU hoops players if their playing careers were not an option, is the always entertaining Baye "don't call me Moussa" Keita.

It's hard to say where exactly Baye began to dream of a career as a car salesman. Scholars maintain there was a huge influence on him at some point. The thought of huuge commissions for selling Kias in the Northeast gave Baye a huuuge appreciation for the U.S. economy. Baye even considered how huuuuge that payout could be if he brought it back to his native Senegal.

Profession: Car Salesman
Dealership: Keita's Kia
Saying: "Extra legroom is a must!"
Specialty: Nothing flashy, but gets you from Point A to Point B

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