Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baller's Backups - Dion Waiters

I have to imagine the most recent Post-Standard off-beat basketball story came from Donna Ditota. Not only does she break down the 2-3 zone, but she's the engineer of the Scoop and Wes (Now Kris) Show, and fills us in with everything from the players' warmup music to kicks.

With the questions and terrific answers up for all to see, we've decided to delve a step deeper as basketball season heats that the hard work has already been done.

Off the bat, we've decided to focus on Baller's Backups - plans the players disclosed if balling wasn't an option.

First up? Dion Waiters:

Profession: Real Estate
Title: Agent Waiters, or Dealin' Dion
Saying: "Always Be Closing, feel me?"
Specialty: Luxurious Mansions with plush exteriors, interior may need work.

Business Cards: Dion carries two cards to choose from, depending on clientele.

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