Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh, hello there. Been a while, right?

As you well know, things aren't exactly peachy up in the 'Cuse right now. Since we didn't want to just be one more voice yelling about the disturbing events, and since we like to keep things light, we took a brief reprieve.

Yet, this weekend offers up some good distractions for Syracuse fans, so we'll stick to those instead of the unfortunate situation which has already sadly affected too many people.

Is it February?
Twitter posts have hinted that 30,000 fans might pack the Dome tonight for basketball in an effort to #BeatGators. Usually that's reserved for a UConn or Georgetown

Much can be said about the game strategies, matchups and how this huge contest is a true test for the Orange.

Instead, we'll focus on the head coach of the Gators. Is this the best time to be making fun of other coaches or programs? Well, why not?

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