Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Backup Plans

Never again with the yellow shoes
If you're a Syracuse lacrosse fan, your Memorial Day plans used to be set in stone. Travel to the lacrosse Final Four, tailgate heavily, and watch the Orange compete for the sport's ultimate prize. Qualifying for 22-straight championship weekends made it pretty standard. Sure, there was the first-round exit in 2005, then a lost season in 2007, but back-to-back titles in '08 and '09 made us think things were back to normal.

Unfortunately this might be the new normal.

The fact is, parody seems to have finally arrived. This is the third-consecutive year the Orange has failed to play on Memorial Day weekend. And for the first time since 1975 (H/T @beneg92 for that tidbit), Syracuse, Johns Hopkins and Virginia are all firing up the grills at home for the holiday. Notre Dame, Loyola, Maryland and Duke in the Final Four? Shoot me in the face.

And women's lacrosse? Don't get me started. Why can't women hit other women just like men can hit men? Play by the same rules as men's lacrosse or don't call it lacrosse. I refuse to watch women's "stick and net ball," even if Syracuse is involved. Sorry, Gary Gait.

So what else can you do this weekend? We're here to help.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jim Boeheim is THIS MUCH more valuable than your coach

Sean Keeley did a good job explaining how Jim Boeheim is a bargain considering his paycheck. But let's dig a little deeper, and see just how much of a bargain he is these days.

Jim Boeheim makes $1.9 million per year, according to papers filed to the government and reported by Over the last few seasons, that has been money very well spent. Let's discuss.

-$55,882.32 per win in 2012
-$70,370.37 per win in 2011
-$63,333.33 per win in 2010
-Average of $62,637.63 per win in the last three seasons

Would you rather have this
guy, or 2.91 Boeheims?
To put this all into perspective, let's look at some other coaches, and how "valuable" they are to their schools by the numbers.

Rick Pitino
-Salary: $4.8 million
-Per win: $182,278.48 (2.91 Boeheims)

Tom Izzo -Salary: $3.6 million
-Per win: $142,105.26 (2.27 Boeheims)

Thad Matta -Salary: $2.9 million
-Per win: $92,553.19 (1.48 Boeheims)
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