Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dramatic Boeheim Stare

Actually, nice work by ESPN on this zoom. That will be our only compliment for them though ... ever.

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GIFs of the Week - Big East Title Edition

It was a good week for Syracuse ... clinching the No. 1 seed in the Big East Saturday afternoon. Clinching the Big East Championship outright Saturday night. Oh, while also ruining another whiteout and College Gameday experience for those poor pathetic UConn fans. And it's even more fun in GIFs. Let's recap ...

GIFs of the Week - Big East Title Edition
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JSouth shows that he's more than just a shooter.
Instagram is the anti-posterize


Waiters Slam
Nice help defense UConn.


MCDubz to Fab


Triche Twist
Guess Boeheim took out the old oil can for Robot Triche


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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Odd Case of Brandon Triche

It seems that for two years now, you've been hearing a lot of things about Brandon Triche.

You've heard or said that it seems like he's temperamental. Some days he looks like he wants to dominate, other days it looks like he's just going to tentatively go through the motions.

It's likely that you've also discussed the fact that he seems to have all the assets to be a force.

Jim Boeheim has told you that he "has never lost faith in Brandon" and he constantly praises him. I can't remember many players that coast by without much of a verbal beatdown from Jimmy B. But Brandon seems to avoid most of Jim's wrath. Boeheim is a staunch Triche defender. But maybe that's because...

Jim Boeheim created Brandon Triche.


Work with me here.

Brandon Triche is a robot. You've seen rare flashes of emotions, but that's just his circuits crossing. Ever rigid in his movements, straight faced Triche plays with little flair.

There have been a few additions to try and mask the fact that Brandon Triche was manufactured in the Life Sciences building under the supervision of Jimmy B.

First, he was given some scraggly facial hair to give him the appearance of human qualities.

Second, his circuits have once or twice been crossed to show some mild emotions this year, just to keep skeptics at bay.

Third, he's been allowed to do things like this.

Yet, why has he been struggling recently? Why is he having technical difficulties that land him on the bench at the end of games?

Jim Boeheim is turning down Brandon's power.
 Boeheim is simply waiting for the right moment to fully utilize what he has in the junior guard.

For now, Robot Triche will just have to go through the motions.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GRob was just ahead of his time

Look at that hyper-elite platinum hair! Clearly Greggers was on to something. We already knew his head was 5 percent lighter, but now we know the REAL reason.

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All Cuse Does is Win, Win, Win.

Do Syracuse fans sometimes overreact and think all members of the media hate the Orange?

Does it get tiring listening to the same four talking points, or listening to pundits simply trying to instigate vigor from the fan base?
Of course.

While many Syracuse fans hammer out their complaints on their keyboards, what does the team do?
Well DJ Khaled has your answer.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revenge of the Alley Oop GIF - Syracuse beats Rutgers

Syracuse's matinee matchup against Rutgers on Sunday may have been a bit closer than Cuse fans likely expected. While we could sit here and critique why the game was so close, there's a simple explanation. Rutgers (outside of their coach) simply doesn't bring it in the looping play department. Syracuse, however, made sure they gave plenty of good GIF.

Syracuse vs. Rutgers
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First off, Dion Waiters has a trademark dunk. Or as Dickey Simpkins (we miss you by the way, Dickey) would say, "The waiter serves you the daily special, whether you like it or not!"
Dion's trademark returned against Rutgirls.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Syracuse - NY's College Team

Every so often when conference expansion talk heats up again, a few pundits will talk about Rutgers' ability to bring the New York market with them. Syracuse fans know Rutgers is about as relevant as Andy Dick when it comes to the NY area.

This was never more clear than in 2009, when Jonny Flynn literally abused Mike Rosario at the RAC. The dunk was so embarrassing, Rosario immediately fled the Tri-State area and went on the lamb to Florida. Let's see that one more time ... from as many angles as humanly possible.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

GIFsanity - Syracuse beats Louisville

Sorry for the delay (and the Jeremy Lin headline) on this one. Despite my love for GIFs, attention on Valentine's Day had to be focused elsewhere.

While it wasn't a breakneck, high flying game, Syracuse did have some nice finishes inside between 28 missed outside shots. While it didn't quite have the loopability of the UConn game, a few plays were able to make for a nice GIFs.

GIFsanity - Syracuse beats Louisville
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Before we get to anything game related, good thing Peyton Siva was focused on something else Monday night:

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Caption Contest

It's been a long time between games, so while there's been little news regarding the team and Fab to toy with, we've scoured the internet for Cuse related pictures.

Here's one that's too good to pass by. Here are your two jobs:

1) Throw up your own caption for the ridiculous picture below.

2) Celebrate Jim Boeheim moving into 4th place in all time wins by cruising through the SOPA-free interwebs and submit them at our sister site

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Oh, crap, it's Valentine's Day, and you forgot to get a card. Didn't you? Don't lie.

Well, fear not, fellow Orange fan. Because Lots of Pulp has the cure to your ills. No need to run to CVS on the way home to pick up the last remaining Valentine. Just print out one of these beauties and your sweetheart will know you care ... about SU Sports ... and her (or him), of course.

And if you want to go all HAM on your own, we left a blank one at the bottom for you to write your own message. Just go to and add the text there. And let us know if you have some better ideas on Twitter with #SUValentine.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Because some posts deserve more than a Tumblr shout out

Plus a caption contest! What more could you ask for?

The "I bet Rick Pitino wouldn't cheat on ME" Juli Staredown. Via

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GIFs of the Week

Hell week concluded on Saturday, with another SU beatdown of a bitter rival. It's always fun to beat Georgetown and UConn, no matter where they are in the rankings (or out of the rankings), but the Louisville game tonight is what really matters. But for now, let's take a minute to enjoy the week that was, through GIFs.

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Hopkins goes for the head pat ... obviously Gerry has to one-up him with the furious butt smack.


Jim almost digs for gold ...


Pretty much the only noticeable thing Triche did on Saturday ...


That ain't "Fair" (showing myself out)


Fab got beat up in the second half a little, but he did at one point tell a UConn player to simply, "get the f out"


Mr. Clutch smiling down the court.


Oldie but goodie. Louisville may own us, but we'll play them tough every time

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Kris Jo Game Winner Reactions

Crisco Kris smoothly drops the game winner. You freaked out, of course.

How did the team react? A closer inspection reveals the answer.

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Destroying the Hoyas - One GIF at a Time

Did you have a good time watching Georgetown get spayed by Kris Joseph on Wednesday?

Would you like to watch the highlights again, this time in looping, entrancing videos?

I know your answer. So here they are. A special GIFs to celebrate beating Georgetown:

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In warmups, Crisco Kris was smoothly letting everyone know what kind of night he was going to have:


KJo and Fab were the only two who brought their "A" game. And wow, Fab started showing off some serious footwork


Fab shows how nimble he is on both ends of the court


But he's not all finesse on the offensive end. Don't even try to block him


Then it was Crisco's time to take over. First off, he whips out the rare double triggered gun. Most be something from north of the border


It just keeps getting easier and easier for Crisco as he smiles his way down the court


JTIII, aka the sad hoya, looks worried. Jimmy B buttons up his coat and says, "Eh, you're done here."


Time for death by Crisco


What do you think about that sad hoya? (credit to Alex O)
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Who traps better?

Just in case you've ever doubted James Arthur Boeheim, here's some proof that the old man speaks from experience.

Look at that form. BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL. (Image from but really from the Sports Illustrated Vault)

So here's the question ... who's better at the trap? Jimmy B or CJ Fair?

You be the judge. Let us know in the poll on the left or in the comments below. Pin It Now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Leave your best in the comments below. To view a close up image, visit

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KrisJo - Spaying Hoyas since 2010

Back in the year 2010, a young Kris Joseph struggled during a February matchup against the Hoyas. But then, with Cuse clinging to a one-point lead, Jim Boeheim isolated his sophomore at the top of the key. Said Boeheim:
"Kris just had a horrendous night. He kept missing layups," Boeheim said. "That's why I went to him at the end -- because I knew he was due."
Kris drove hard and finished with a strong layup to put Syracuse up 3, and just about seal the deal.

Then, a seasoned KJo took a struggling Cuse team on his back in the matchup of 2012, and let everyone know, even Canadians hate Georgetown.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Every Syracuse Fan's Dream

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What would Daddy do?

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In honor of Georgetown Hate Day - we're bringing back an oldie, but goodie, which originally aired in October. We think you'll still enjoy it today.

Be on the lookout, world. Jimmy B is one cranky bastard. And he spares no expenses in his hunts of hatred.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dunk Reactions - MCW Edition

When watching Syracuse wallop St. Johns, you were treated to a mammoth dunk by MCDubz.

You likely asked yourself, "I know I jumped off the couch, but how did the rest of the players react?"

Excellent question.

Here's your answer:

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GIFs of the Week

Sure, there may have been other sporting events this weekend, but one in particular was GIFtacular. Syracuse's massacre of St. John's provided a rich collection of GIFs, stocking this edition to the max.

GIFs of the week: February 6th
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This first one was made by accident, but it pretty much sums up what we all think of St. John's claiming to be NY's team. And it shows Boeheim showing a strange, slightly Italian side. GIFSoup  

You ask what it means to have Fab back - well here's a visual display. Blocks. Fast Breaks. Slams. GIFSoup
The game was full of some classic Jimmy B faces. 
First up - Jim is only somewhat pleased by the score.

Jim was red and ready to rage, prowling before the kill.

A classic Jimmy B death-stare for MCW. I have the feeling Jim may have inspired the young man.


Seems like MCDubz got the message.


From what Dion Waiters knows, MSG is Syracuse's gym.


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